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The Cyber Readiness Program is a practical, step-by-step guide to help small and medium-sized businesses become cyber ready. It's completely free and requires as little as an hour a week to complete. 73% of participating small businesses say the Program had a Very High / High impact on their cyber readiness. Be Cyber Ready. Be Cyber Strong.

Why Cyber Readiness Matters

As our world becomes more connected, being cyber ready is more important than ever. Cyber readiness is about the preventative measures you can take to protect against a cyber incident, and the actions to take when an incident does occur.

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Your cyber readiness matters to your customers, your suppliers, and every organization you interact with in your value chain. Even if you’re not a security expert, our free Cyber Readiness Program provides you with the knowledge, expertise, and resources to help you build a resilient and cyber ready organization.

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Expert Knowledge

The Cyber Readiness Institute was founded by the CEOs of Mastercard, Microsoft, the Center for Global Enterprise, and PSP Partners, following their work on the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity, to provide free tools and resources that your business can use to reduce risks. We believe that if we work together we can create a safer ecosystem for all businesses to thrive. Based on the expert input, the Program focuses on four critical cyber issues: Authentication and Passwords, Software Updates, Phishing, and USBs and Removable Media. The Program also includes guidance for implementing a practical cyber incident response plan.

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