CRI Leaders Share Cybersecurity Expertise at Events Senior leadership at the Cyber Readiness Institute regularly speak at key events focused on cybersecurity. Here are a few current events.

  • Craig Moss, CRI’s Director of Content and Tool Development recently presented on the topic of “Creating a Culture of Cyber Readiness in Your Company and Value Chain” at the Command Controlcybersecurity summit in Munich, Germany. In the session, he shared insights into embedding cybersecurity within company operations and across the global value chain.

  • Kiersten Todt, the Managing Director of the Cyber Readiness Institute, is presenting at the Wall Street Journal Small Business Academyin Dana Point, California on October 15-16th. The Small Business Academy’s goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses from the risks of cybercrime. Her talk will highlight the Cyber Readiness Institute’s Program to help small and medium-sized businesses become more cyber secure.
  • Todt will be also be speaking at the Wall Street Journal/Knightscope Event in New York City on October 17. She will discuss ways that small businesses can address the security challenges created by robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Pamela Passman President and CEO of the Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade (, a co-founder of the Cyber Readiness Institute, will be presenting two talks at the Wyoming Cybersecurity Symposiumbeing held on October 17thand 18th. Her first presentation is titled “Rightsizing your Cybersecurity Program/Strategy.” Her second talk is a joint presentation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) titled “State of Cybersecurity for Small Businesses.” This presentation will draw upon the BBB’s cybersecurity report and Passman will provide a preview of the content and tools that make up the Cyber Readiness Program (set to launch in November).

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