At this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Tim Murphy, General Counsel and Chief Franchise Officer of Mastercard (a co-chair of the Cyber Readiness Institute - CRI) joined the CEO of Maersk (a CRI member) and others to discuss the topic of “Securing a Common Future in Cyberspace.”

In the session, Murphy discussed the launch of the Cyber Readiness Institute as an example of how different forms of collaboration are becoming increasingly critical. He states, "So many companies have very complex value chains and small businesses are in those value chains. Small businesses are completely at sea in navigating cyber space. What can large companies do to help small businesses be more effective? Mastercard has helped launch something called the Cyber Readiness Institute with Microsoft and others to help take big company thinking and information and assets, and...make it digestible for small businesses so they can be more effective."

Watch the full presentation here.