The Cyber Readiness Institute is addressing the ever changing and growing risk of cybersecurity. To help companies address these challenges, the Cyber Readiness Institute will focus on providing best practice guidance and tools to meet the objective of securing value chains in the increasingly connected business world. Driving meaningful change requires input and expertise from global enterprises from diverse sectors. As such, it is fortuitous that the Institute’s two founding organizations – The Center for Global Enterprise (CGE) and the Center for Responsible Enterprise And Trade ( – bring a wealth of experience helping companies around world address top risks through the improvement of management practices.

The goals of the initiative are also boosted by involvement of the Institute’s co-chairs: Samuel J. Palmisano, Founder of CGE and Retired CEO and Chairman of IBM; Ajay Banga, President and CEO, Mastercard; Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft; and Penny Pritzker, Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Current Chairman of PSP Capital Partners

This Q&A with the CGE’s President, Chris Caine, offers insights into the strengths that the CGE brings to the Cyber Readiness Institute through its mission and programing as well as the CGE’s partnership with

Q/Chris, The Center for Global Enterprise (CGE) is a non-profit organization “dedicated to the study of the contemporary corporation in the era of global economic integration.” How does the Cyber Readiness Institute factor into CGE’s broader mission?

The Institute is an example of CGE’s focus on advancing management learning on issues that are central to a CEO’s responsibility for business growth and success. In today’s global economy, where the physical and digital worlds intersect at business execution, companies need effective and practical cybersecurity tools for themselves and for securing their value chains of suppliers, partners, and customers. CGE’s support of the Institute is designed to deliver these tools and assets for global business leaders and share the knowledge of cyber security management best practices.

Q/CGE also has a Global Scholars program. Tell us more about it.

The Global Scholars Program is a global online learning community of institutions and individuals from around the world. It currently comprises 179 institutions of learning across 92 countries. CGE uses the program to inspire organic learning and distribute leading edge management content to students, business professionals, and faculty members free of charge.

Q/What does CGE want to achieve in the joint initiative with CREATe to launch the Cyber Readiness Institute?

Our objective is to draw jointly on our subject matter expertise and apply it to help businesses create and manage more resilient enterprises and value chains.

Q/CGE has engaged with CEOs and their subject matter experts on other issues. Why is this approach so effective?

We feel strongly that the most effective learning comes from addressing practical issues that are confronting business leaders and the modern enterprise, such as cybersecurity. Our programs that engage CEOs and other senior business leaders strike at this very belief. By bringing leaders from enterprises of varying sizes, from different regions of the world, and across diverse industry sectors, the sharing of knowledge expands and becomes more immediate. Hence, it is a more applied approach to management learning.