"An organization’s security is only as good as the security of all the partners, contractors and small businesses that have access to its network," said Cyber Readiness Institute co-chair Sam Palmisano at the Ethisphere Global Ethics Summit 2018.

In the Global Ethics Summit plenary session with Ethisphere CEO Tim Erblich - highlighted in aWSJ article- Palmisano shared insights into the emerging threat environment, citing two key trends - the rising vulnerabilities posed by internet-connected devices (the ‘Internet of Things – IoT) and the vulnerabilities of interconnected value chains and smaller companies not having expertise to ward off cyber attacks. He also touched on the importance of industry being able to share information about threats; and the value of addressing cybersecurity as part of a broader enterprise risk management program.

Palmisano also discussed the founding of the Cyber Readiness Institute and how it evolved from his work on theCommission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity, an initiative resulting in a 2016 report focused on providing recommendations for the incoming administration for securing and growing the digital economy. CRI’s other co-chairs and their companies also participated in the Commission, along with Kiersten Todt, CRI’s managing director.

Read more about Palmisano’s presentation at the Global Ethics Summit in thisWSJ article.