The Cyber Readiness Institute’s four co-chairs – Samuel J. Palmisano, Chair of the Center for Global Enterprise and Retired Chairman and CEO of IBM; Ajay Banga, CEO of Mastercard;  Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft; and former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker – have come together to address cybersecurity risk management in commercial value chains. 

They have committed themselves to work with business leaders, such as you, to create cyber readiness content and tools for small and medium business partners. We would like you to join this effort.

Addressing a Global Challenge

Enterprises are interconnected with hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of partners. Supply chains of the past decades have transformed into today’s value chains, leveraging physical and digital networks to deliver customer-focused products to market. This new age offers opportunities, but also risks, particularly from cyber threats. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are most vulnerable – many do not have the resources or expertise for effective cyber risk management. The Cyber Readiness Institute seeks to demystify cybersecurity for SMBs around the world. The Institute is convening senior leaders of global companies across sectors, along with their value chain partners, to develop practical content and tools to help SMBs address growing cybersecurity threats and become more resilient.

Ways to Get Involved

The Cyber Readiness Institute is a non-profit, membership organization offering a range of ways for organizations to get involved:

  •      - Corporate membership: For companies interested in helping their third party partners
  • improve cyber resilience, the Cyber Readiness Institute offers several levels of
  • involvement. Membership offers a way to engage with leading global companies,
  • collaborate with key third party partners, and influence the development of tools and
  • resources for improving risk management of top cyber threats.
  •      - Adjuncts and fellows: The Cyber Readiness Institute will provide ways to gain input and
  • feedback from academics, non-governmental organizations, and other experts involved in
  • cybersecurity.
  •      - SMBs and value chain companies: Those involved in global value chains can participate
  • with or without a corporate partner member. There will also be additional opportunities for involvement in surveys,
  • reviewing resources, and piloting tools.

Benefits of Participation

Members benefit in a number of ways:

  •      - Meet with peers and leaders across industries: Engage with senior leaders from
  • companies and other organizations to share experiences on leading practices for cyber
  • risk management.
  •      - Be part of a global movement: Be part of a community of thought leaders focused on
  • providing companies of all sizes with resources for improving cyber risk management
  • through the development of useful, practical, and cost-effective tools for SMBs to
  • improve cyber resiliency.
  •      - Get recognized: Members will be featured in the Cyber Readiness Institute’s thought
  • leadership efforts, on the website, and in tools and resources, as appropriate.
  •      - Gain early access, input and use: Be involved in the development of tools and resources
  • to use within organizations and with third party partners.

Supporting the Cyber Readiness Institute

The Cyber Readiness Institute is a joint initiative by The Center for Global Enterprise (CGE) and the Center for Responsible Enterprise And Trade (

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