On November 16th The Cyber Readiness Institute convened the ‘Cyber Experts Group’ – cybersecurity subject experts from Member companies – to discuss the development of content and tools for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Kiersten Todt, Managing Director of the Cyber Readiness Institute, and Craig Moss, Director of Content and Tool Development, presented the on the Institute’s Global Dialogues and Inaugural Meeting, the proposed framework for the Institute’s first round of content and tools, and facilitated discussion of the tools.

Based on recommendations from the Institute’s Inaugural Meeting in New York and other conversations with members, the directors adjusted its proposed framework to create a beginner’s guide or Roadmap for SMB cybersecurity.

Todt and Moss also presented the six stages along the roadmap as well as proposed content to support each stage. Participants were given time to provide feedback which helped to continue the development of this framework.

Participants also generously offered up sector-specific information and general resources to support and supplement the Cyber Readiness Institute’s development of tools to support the six stages along the roadmap.

The first meeting of the Cyber Experts Group was productive and helped the Institute continue forward in its development of content and tools or SMBs. 

Next Steps

On December 13th The Cyber Readiness Institute will convene the next Cyber Experts Group in New York City. The meeting will focus on the Institute’s ‘Cyber Readiness Roadmap’ and specific tools and resources in development.

For questions or comments about The Cyber Readiness Institute, please contact Toby McCarroll at tmccarroll@cyberreadinessinstitute.org.